Membership Levels

In BEST Brussels we have a structure implemented to help our members integrating into the organization. This structure is in the form of membership levels. Upon joining you are an Observer, after some time you reach the second level of Baby Member. Finally, you can become a Full Member. After becoming a full member it is possible to pick up responsibilities and become a Board Member.


The goal of your member status as Observer is to gain an insight into the organization and to be able to keep you updated on all our events. There are no mandatory things you need to do as an observer. You are free to join any meeting, local or international event as you wish.

Baby Member

When you wish to become a Baby Member of BEST you should attend three meetings. It’s as easy as that! Becoming a baby member has the benefit of having a Private Area (our online platform) account. On Private Area you get an overview of all the fun international events you can participate in and you do not need to depend on the other members to tell you what events there are.

Full Member

As a full member, you gain voting rights. You can now help the board in making decisions on the future structure of BEST and vote on the full membership of other members. Apart from voting rights you also gain the possibility to go for a board position.

Board Member

In BEST Brussels there are six board positions.

  • PresidentThe president is responsible for keeping track of activities in the organisation, coordinating the board and preparing the meetings. The president ensures contact with BEST International, the faculty and other NGOs.

  • SecretaryThe secretary is responsible for organizing the meetings of the LBG, ensuring the overall information flow in the group, managing the archives of the LBG and managing the legal obligations of the NGO.

  • TreasurerThe treasurer administrates the accounts of the organization, establishes financial reports, prepares a budget proposal for the next term and follows up the budget of events.

  • Vice President for Human Resources The Human Resources responsible manages the membership and recruitment process, the organization of motivational events in the LBG and overviews motivation of each delegate throughout the year.

  • Vice President for Public Relations – The PR responsible establishes a promotional plan for the LBG, ensures proper external communication and proper marketing materials. To do so, the responsible coordinates all PR related roles in the LBG.

  • Vice President for Corporate Relations The Corporate Relations responsible manages a fund-raising strategy based on contact with partners or grant and looks for funds to organize events. To do so, the responsible coordinates all the fund-raising roles in the LBG.