Internal Events

Being part of BEST gives you the chance to partake in international BEST events. These events are aimed to develop students and to coordinate the international side of BEST. During these events workshops, training sessions and plenaries are held.

Opportunities as a BEST Member

Regional Meetings

In BEST Europe is divided into regions to enhance collaboration between different Local BEST Groups (LBG). During a Regional Meeting, all LBGs from that region gather to follow workshops and attend training sessions. In the evenings there are social activities ranging from small parties to International Evenings and Cantus. The regional meeting is organized twice a year in a different location in your region every time, it is thus the prime opportunity to explore Europe and make new friends while developing yourself.

Presidents’ Meeting & General Assembly

During the Presidents’ Meeting, all the presidents from the 95 different BEST groups gather to discuss and vote on proposals regarding the future structure of BEST. In a General Assembly, more than one delegate is allowed to come to the event. Aside from the discussions and voting, the delegates will also have the opportunity to attend a job fair, several training sessions and social events. A General Meetings is organized in a different location throughout Europe once every semester.

Cultural Exchanges

Apart from these big events we also organize small exchanges between BEST Groups. A cultural exchange involves students coming from other BEST technical universities. The first goal is to strengthen our relationship with other Local Best Groups, supporting a multicultural framework. At the same time, a Cultural Exchange allows our association to become an additive value for the territory through guided visits to cities and museums.

Smaller events

Throughout the year all BEST Members are invited to several smaller events. The goals of these meetings range from training events to pure leisure events. For example, LBG Reykjavik organized last summer BeViking, an event where the participants experienced an Icelandic weekend with a tour of Reykjavik, some partying, ice cream in the cold, the famous Icelandic hot dog and of course a visit to the local swimming pool.