What is EBEC?

The European BEST Engineering Competition (EBEC) is an engineering contest that is organized by BEST. The main goal is to engage students in team-based challenges. There are different rounds in the competition. The first round is organized by the local BEST groups at their respective universities. The winners pass to the second (national) round and eventually to the final round. The competition is divided into two main components, the Case Study and the Team Design.

Case Study

In this competition, teams of four students gather to provide a solution to a technical or a management problem provided by our case study partners. Mostly this is a genuine realistic problem which needs to be tackled by consultants or corporate clients.

The various teams will be given a limited amount of time to solve and pitch their approach to our EBEC jury. The jury will consist of experts in the subject field, from both academia and industry. The teams will be judged on creativity, teamwork and approach to the issue.

Team Design

In this part, again teams of four students will tackle a technical problem but this time in practice. The team has to design a physical solution using the given materials. This problem will be designed in agreement with our partner – the Belgian Railways. The teams need to solve the problem in a limited amount of time and present their solution to the EBEC jury. This team again consists of experts from academia and the industry and the team will be judged on the quality of their solution, their presentation and their creativity.

The size of EBEC?

More than 6500 students from 83 leading universities in 30 countries participate in the local rounds of the competition, 600 in the national or regional rounds, while the best 120 students compete in the final round for the title of the BEST Engineering Student Team in Europe.

Joining the competition?

A local round is held by BEST Brussels each year on the Vrije Universiteit Brussel. If you are a student from the VUB and you are interested in joining the competition, keep your eyes open for our adverts on campus and follow us on social media. You can always send us an email for more information on Brussels-EBEC@BEST.eu.org.