BEST Courses are the core activity of BEST and can either be Courses on Technology or Courses on Career related skills. These are events about one to two weeks in length, uniting technology students from all over Europe to study a technological subject. However, while these subjects are of an attractive and innovative nature, mixing various topics in engineering education, education on itself is not the only goal of these events. Equally important are expanding horizons, improving cultural understanding and, in general, providing European students of technology with the opportunity to experience something distinctive for little cost.


Courses are organized in various European countries, from Spain to Russia. They are organized all year round and divided into four different seasons (summer, autumn, winter and spring).


Courses are organized by the different Local BEST Groups (LBGs) throughout Europe.

What do you get?


The academic program will be brought to you by experts in their fields. All lectures are held in English and all teaching and material costs will be covered by the organizing Local BEST Group. The events will not only focus on the theory, but you will also get the chance to put your knowledge into practice. At the end of the event and after passing the exam successfully, you will receive the BEST Certificate confirming the attendance at the course, and also a Course Information Form, with details about the academic program of the event, in order to help you get ECTS credits from your University.

Social activities

Let’s not forget to have fun as well! Besides the academic program, you will be introduced to the culture, traditions, sights, people of the host country. You are also expected to share your culture with others.

How to apply?

Are you a student in science or engineering in the VUB? Then..

Choose your Course

  • Go to the list of events, choose the course you want to apply to and click apply link.
  • Enter your email address and your password if you are not already logged in.
  • If you do not yet have an account, register here. After entering the applications, contact us (via Facebook or by mail brussels@best.eu.org) to validate your account.

Write a Motivation Letter

  • Find some tips here.

If accepted

  • Pay the deposit if you were accepted to one of the events.
  • Pay the fee.
  • Evaluate the event (after participating in it) – you will need to login to the website to do it.
  • Get the deposit back.

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