For companies


This summer our Local BEST Group will organize the 22th edition of our yearly Summer Course. During 10 days, 22 European engineering students will come to Brussels and participate in a series of lectures and educational activities around the field 'Photonics'. This event is organized in cooperation with our academic partner (Vrije Universiteit Brussel) and supported by our Industrial Partners.

What do we offer companies?

Your company will get the chance to come in contact with engineering students from 22 different countries who are European-minded and internationally active, as well as with the engineering students from Vrije Universiteit Brussel who are organising the event. One full day of the summer course (Monday 13 July 2015) is reserved for visiting companies, company presentations, workshops etc. Moreover, we offer visibility and promotion materials throughout the event.

Why do we need support from companies?

Being a local branch of an international non-profit student organisation (BEST), we offer European engineering students the opportunity to follow a course of 10 days in Brussels. The maximal fee we ask is between zero euros (for citizens of countries with a low GDP ) and 40 euros (for citizens from countries with a high GDP). The logistics, transportation, lodging and food during the event is entirely provided by BEST Brussels at no extra cost. Because the fee doesn't cover the cost, we cooperate with companies who sponsor the event.


For more information, feel free to contact our corporate relations responsible, Bryan Heureux: