Summer Course 2014

Why all this commotion about corrosion?

Discover corrosion in the context of a durable society


Corrosion consumes up to 1-5% of a nation's GNP and induces both health and safety issues. This summer course will focus on different forms of corrosion. The electrochemical fundamentals of the corrosion process will be explained and ways to protect structures from such phenomena will be discussed. Complementary surface analysis  and electrochemical techniques to analyse corrosion features and protective layers will be overviewed. Furthermore, modelling and prediction of corrosion processes will be considered. The students will work on dedicated corrosion projects, using in-house highly specialised analysis equipment.


This years' summer course will be taught by Dr. Ir. Tom Hauffman in cooperation with the SURF research group. Tom Hauffman graduated in 2006 as an engineer in chemistry, process- and environmental technology. He defended his PhD, entitled “In situ study of self-assembling monolayers on aluminium oxides” in 2012. Currently, he is affiliated to the Vrije Universiteit Brussel, department of Electrochemical and Surface Engineering (


Research at the ‘Electrochemical & Surface Engineering’ – SURF – research group is all about ‘electrochemistry’ and ‘surfaces’ and their interaction. Our key research topics can be mapped into 4 overlapping themes: corrosion technology, electrochemical modelling, electrochemical and surface processes and multifunctional and new materials. SURF’s approach to deal with both fundamental and application driven aspects is one of combining experimental and modeling techniques. Experimental techniques  are oriented towards surface and electrochemical characterisation. We combine expertise in both electrochemical methods and in-situ and ex-situ surface analytical techniques. Modelling in SURF’s context means construction of models and developing numerical tools to handle the mathematics behind the models.

When, where and how to apply?

The summer course will take place from 6 July 2014 till 15 July 2014 at Vrije Universiteit Brussel ( Go to the international BEST website to apply (