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Summer Course 2015 Photonics? Enlighten me!

Finished courses in Brussels

Summer Course 2014 Why all this commotion about corrosion? Discover corrosion in the context of a durable society
Summer Course 2013 The future of human-robot interaction
Summer Course 2012 Light as a feather, strong as a rock
Summer Course 2011 Wireless sensor networks
Summer Course 2010 Sustainable energy: delighted to be enlightened
Summer Course 2009 Entrepreneurship: do you have business plans tonight?
Summer Course 2008 How metals face the materials race
Summer Course 2007 Why pigs don't fly and planes do: an introduction to air- and spaceflight
Summer Course 2006 Photonics, your beam to the future!
Summer Course 2005 Entering the digital world - Technologies behind audivisual content analysis and representation
Summer Course 2004 Contemporary materials for constructions: in search for the next generation building tools
Summer Course 2003 Hot topics in aeronautics and aerospace
Summer Course 2002 An introduction to identification from data to model
Summer Course 2001 Pyramids in the cosmos
Summer Course 2000 Hot topics in acoustics and vibrations
Summer Course 1999 Image processing and machine vision
Summer Course 1998 Materials: from production to application
Summer Course 1997 Design and analysis of buildings and architectural constructions
Summer Course 1996 Photonics in computing and sensing
Summer Course 1995 Electrical and hybrid vehicles in cities
Summer Course 1994 Management for engineers