Autumn Course 2016

Build a bridge, get over it!

Come join us in Brussels for a hands on course on everything you need to know in order to build a bridge. A staple in engineering, building bridges is the ultimate test for any engineer, or engineering enthusiast. You will be taught the necessary skills, and those will be tested in an exciting practical test. There your new skills will culminate in a bridge that can, hopefully, endure everything we throw at it. 

All this happens in the beautiful capital of Europe; Brussels. When not teaching you, we will guide you through the city we know and love, like only students can. You will see the touristic spots (The little peeing man, the big metal balls) and eat traditional Belgian food like all tourists. But we will also show you sights one would not discover without having spent a good amount of time getting to know this nuanced city. We will take you to moody bars, cozy hiding spots, forgotten art installations and otherwise obscure but lovely sights.


This year’s course will handle the basics of civil engineering. A compact set of theoretical classes are foreseen, lectured by Danny Van Hemelrijck and Tine Tysmans. These theoretical concepts will be used in a project-based approach. 4 groups shall each design and make a bridge, according to some design rules, to carry a target weight with an eye on material efficiency. Requirements regarding safety, stability, stiffness and strength should be fulfilled. Medium-Density Fibreboard wood is used to do so. The properties of this material are to be determined by the students, by performing tensile and compressive tests. The possible bridge-designs are the cable-stayed bridge, suspension bridge, arch bridge and truss bridge. In the end, weights will be applied on the bridges to verify if they fulfill the mentioned requirements.

When, where and how to apply:

The course lasts from 11/9/16 to 19/9/16 near the VUB in Etterbeek, Brussels.

Applications are closed.

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