Autumn Course: Sofia

As a completey BEST-less person I did not know what to expect of the course. The combination of cheap, going abroad and meeting new people seemed very attractive so I applied for the course.

I didn't regret my choice for a second! One moment I was still in the airport, few hours later I was dancing rock 'n roll with some Bulgarians in a forest in Sofia.

After this first night, the number of activities were piling up very quickly. A few highlights were of course the City Rally, pubcrawling and International Evening. The combination of Spanish sangria, Russian vodka, French wine and Belgian beer surely provided some moments I will never forget. We started the weekend with a visit to the very beautiful city Plovdiv (which is probably unknown to you). Dinner at sunset on one of the hills of Plovdiv was a perfect closing event for the city trip. The combination of having a hangover with an aqua theme park the day after the city trip was however less perfect for some participants.

Of course we didn't only party, swim and explore the culture! During this week we followed a course about environment friendly transport, which is a very interesting and topical topic. We also visited the company Full Charger, which is a producer of electrical vehicles. During the visit to Beta House it was possible to meet local entrepreneurs, students and even employees of the president. In short, the course had everything you needed: getting to know a new country and unforgettable parties while broadening your knowledge... And last but not least: meeting new people! Thanks to BEST I now have friends all over Europe (which is equal to cheap places to stay when going abroad).

Don't think twice, just apply for a season course!

Elien O

Third year BSc in Electromechanical Engineering, VUB