Board and Members

BEST Brussels is not only a name, a website or a summer course but mainly people, "Students of Technology", who are voluntarily working hard to send students from the "Vrije Universiteit Brussel" (Free University of Brussels) out to discover Europe.

XXIVth Board 2016-2017


Arnaud Famelaer




Denis Shen


Ruben Van den Abeele


Gevorg Demurchyan

Vice President for FR

Nina Ducornait

Vice President for HR

Pauline Martens

Vice President for PR



Other full members

Bart Vouche

Elien O

Susanne Blotwijk

Bastien Verdoodt

Jannes Van Cauwenberghe

Kamal Saoucha

Peter Verheirstraeten

Quinten Goens

Adrien T'Kint


Stephanie Loyens