After quitting the active BEST life, you can still stay in touch with all the BESTies (no matter whether alumni themselves or not) you got to know through different mailing lists and websites.

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BEST allumni in Brussels

All BEST alumni (doesn’t matter which LBG) are welcome! If you live or work in Brussels, pass by on a (semi-)regular basis, or drop by just once join our activities. BAiB has every month, on the 15th, either a dinner (weekdays) or a special activity (weekend). When looking for persons to join you for a concert or exhibition in Brussels, you can make a call using the mailing list!

For all information on the activities and for joining go to or contact Nico & Nele at

All BEST allumni

Mailinglist for announcing all activities: You can enroll to this mailing list through the private area of BEST. Check out for more news on international Alumni Activities. Keep your profile at updated.

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